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An astonishing picture,
the silk touch,
the light coming through the window,
a masterpiece of art
or a bunch of childhood memories constitute
the origin and the essence of ,
as well as
its source of inspiration.

To catch beauty's soul
is our objective

Víctor González

Creative, scatter minded and good writer, he is able to design fashion complements, to cook pizza and to play guitar almost at the same time. Take him as he is or leave him.

María Collado

Imaginative, organized and studious, she hates procrastination. She believes in inspiration and she works the whole day just in case. She never forgot that she was rejected by her school choir.

To share our love for well done things
is our philosophy

Ely Dupont

Tireless traveller and chatterbox, she never knows what she wants. She does not think about the future and she can't imagine herself as a lady in retirement. She found her ideal world in blogging and she is to be in her element.

Pilar Aquirre

Educated and refined, she is a good actress; her best leading roles are mother, stylist, adviser and dressmaker. She loves mystery and this is why nobody knows her real personality.

To spread our spirit
has become our mission
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